Silent women

Forum Silent Women

Václav Havel Library, October 4-5th, 2019

Forum usiluje o vytvoření platformy pro otázky moderního způsobu života žen. V době, kdy jsou všechny staré hodnotové koncepty zpochybňovány nebo jsou v procesu přeměny, chceme dodat ženám sebevědomí k hledání a formulování vlastních stanovisek. Chceme rozvíjet odbornou debatu a podporovat klidný dialog směřující k výsledkům. Dnes, kdy je konflikt mezi pohlavími instrumentalizován propagandou, je to víc než důležité.

The Forum seeks to create a platform for questions about the present way of life of women. At a time when all old value concepts are being? challenged or are in the process of transformation, we want to give women the confidence to find their own opinions. We want to develop expert debate and promote calm dialogue towards results. Today? when gender conflict is instrumentalized by propaganda, is this discussion more than important.

Das Forum bemüht sich um eine Plattform für Fragen, die das Leben der modernen Frau beinflusst. In der Zeit, wenn alle alten Wertekonzepte in Frage gestellt werden oder sich im Transformationsprozess befinden, möchten wir Frauen das Selbstvertrauen anbieten, ihre eigene Meinung und Stimme zu finden. Wir wollen eine Fachdebatte aufbauen und einen ruhigen, fokussierten Dialog fördern. In einer Era, wo Geschlechterkonflikte durch Propaganda instrumentalisiert werden, ist dies mehr als wichtig.


Friday 4.10.

19.00 – 21.30

Panel 1: The future I see black . A plea for a modern conservatism.“ – Introduction of a bestselling book of Diana Kinnert

D.Kinnert, L.Tungul

Panel 2: How to deal with socialy sensitive themes during the information war

D.Klimeš, A.Alvarová, J.Janda, A.Černá, D.Smoljak, D.Nerudová, D.Kinnert

 Panel 3: „Stolen words“ as an instrument in information war

M.Vášáryová, Margaret Hales, Albana Vokshi, E.M.Umbricht, J.Jandourek, 

Moderation: Jana Spekhorstová

 „Give us our words back. We want them to describe what they meant for centuries again. May truth also be the way to truth, may compassion be the goal of education, may law and justice be truly law and justice, may lies be banned and tenderness not only reside in our hearts, but also fly freely over our heads. Return confidence to us in the words that we utter to understand what we live in. Otherwise you steal from us the opportunity to live in harmony with the world around us, you privatize our present and take our faith into the future. Words speak to us from the past and create a bond with it, words taught to us by mothers and poets, through words we understand beauty and freedom. What you do is a crime, and we must confront it. Give us back truthful words!“  Magda Vášáryová (Stolen words)

Sathurday 5. 10. 2019

10.00 – 15.00  Colloquium  „Silent women?“

10.00-11.00  Women as a superhero? How far could demands on women go?

Women as a buffer of unpayed working capacity, long term consequences for social life and economy growth in the society, on the track of more soft and sustainable solutions.

D.Kinnert, M.Hales, M.Vášáryová, E.M.Umbricht, D.Kuchtová

11.00-12.00  „For the future I see black. A plea for a modern conservatism.“ Discussion over a bestselling book of Diana Kinnert

D.Kinnert, L.Tungul


13.00-14.00 Women as „Wind of change“  ?!

 M.Vašáryová, J.Cieglerová, S.Lauder, J.Ustohalová, V.Šprincová

14.00-15.00 Women solidarity – delusion or fact?

M.Vášáryová, L.Tungul, I.Králíková, J.Ustohalová

Brief overview of the speakers and participants

  • Alexandra Alvarová – author of the book „Industry of Lies„on the presence of Russian propaganda, propaganda and hybrid war expert, member of the thinktank CEW21
  • Jana Cieglerová – journalist, Deník N, focused on the Women’s representation and empowerment
  • Adriana Černá – digital strategist in People in need
  • Margaret Hales – president, European union of women (EUW)
  • Jakub Janda – leader of the program Kremlin Watch a director of the thinktank Security Center European Values
  • Jan Jandourek – sociologist, writer and journalist, Svobodné fórum
  • Diana Kinnert – political scientist, entrepreneur, adviser of Chancellor Angela Merkel, author of the political bestseller „For the Future I See Black. A Plea for a Modern Conservatism
  • David Klimeš – journalist, Aktuálně.cz, Český Rozhlas, media and communication expert at the Charles University
  • Ivana Králíková – head of Audit and Risk Management Unit of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
  • Dagmar Kuchtová – General Director of Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic
  • Danuše Nerudová – rector of the Mendel’s University in Brno, researcher in FairTax
  • David Smoljaksenator of the Czech Republic, screenwriter and long-term promoter of strengthening the independence of public media
  • Jana Spekhorstová – founder of think tank CEW21, president of the Czech section of European union of women (EUW-CZ)
  • Veronika Šprincová – president of the NGO Fórum 50%  
  • Lucie Tungul – social and political scientist at Palacký University in Olomouc, European integration, migrationand identity discourses expert, Head of Research in TOPAZ
  • Erica M.Umbricht – president of the Swiss section of the European union of women, security policy expert
  • Magda Vášáryová– former diplomat, president candidate, chair-woman of the society Živena, founder of the thinktank CEW21
  • Albana Vokshi – Member of the Albanian Parliament, president of the Albanian Democratic League of Women, promoter of women’s right and the empowerment of women

Autor příspěvku: Tereza Bočanová

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